2 Year Old Girl With 6.6lb HAND That Has Left Her Barely Able To Stand Or Walk !!!

girl born with 6.6lb HAND

Shakiba, two, was born with a small lump under her right arm that gradually grew, before engulfing her whole hand and eventually spreading to her chest.

The little child from Bangladesh, who weighs only 4.4lbs (2kg), is scarcely ready to stand or walk and falls over each time she tries to run.

And in addition confining her development, Shakiba, who is believed to be experiencing a non-dangerous condition known as a haemangioma, has turned into a loner in her town as others stress their youngsters will get the condition in the event that they enable them to play with her.

Shakiba’s dad Abdul Sattar, 23, who can’t bear the cost of her treatment, stated: ‘We have confidence in God and specialists. We are cheerful for the specialists to discover a treatment for my girl and give her an existence worth living.’

girl born with 6.6lb HAND

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girl born with 6.6lb HAND girl born with 6.6lb HAND girl born with 6.6lb HAND girl born with 6.6lb HAND girl born with 6.6lb HAND

Shakiba was born with a lump under her right arm that gradually grew and engulfed her hand

Shakiba’s mom Chabina Begum, 21, stated: ‘She longs to play with other kids in the area however individuals expect that their kids will likewise come down with the malady. It is excruciating to see individuals acting inconsiderately with our kid.

‘She can’t sit or walk. Each time she tries to make a couple of strides, she tumbles down. [The] entire day she plays with a cell phone. We are crushed to see her agony like this.

‘We are to a great degree stressed for her. We don’t recognize what she is experiencing and if there is any medication that can cure her. She is an exquisite tyke.

‘We need her to play with other kids and have an ordinary childhood yet her hand does not let her live like a typical kid.’

Dr Shamim Hossain, civil surgeon in the district hospital, added: ‘We have formed a team of three doctors to look into her case. Two specialists have also joined us for examinations.

‘This looks like a case of haemangioma but we can only ascertain the cause once the test results are out.

‘While the condition is curable, this looks like an extensive growth and would require advanced treatment.’