This Escort Has Slept With Over 10,000 Men Gives Juicy Details About Her Job

Gwyneth Montenegro admits to having slept with 10,000 people

This woman slept with 10,091 men during her 15-year stint working in the sex industry – and has written a tell-all book about her experiences. Are you more shocked by the high number or her ability to keep count so accurately? Gwyneth Montenegro worked as an escort in Australia and has penned a book entitled 10,000 Men And Counting that opens the lid on the truth behind the somewhat seedy industry. This escort has slept with 10,000 men.


The saucy novel of GWYNETH MONTENEGRO that reveals all about Ms Montenegro’s career is out now
Picture: Robbie Merritt

Despite being raised by devout Christians, Ms Montenegro was a high-end escort by 21, making between $500 and $1,000 (£290-£580) for just an hour’s work. She was flown to luxury locations by men, blew thousands and thousands on cars and clothes and admitted that ‘it was a lifestyle of cocaine, speed and French champagne’.

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The saucy novel of GWYNETH MONTENEGRO left behind her life as an escort to become a pilot
Picture: Robbie Merritt

Ms Montenegro (her escort pseudonym) retired at 33 after meeting her now business partner, but had previously tried to give up her job in the sex industry by becoming a pilot. However, she fell back into her old ways after she was diagnosed with kidney failure and was unable to apply for a new pilot licence. Her number of 10,091 is equal to 56 men per month, or 1.8 men every day. Just have a long, hard think about that. Her book, and all its juicy secrets, is available to buy online now, and she is represented by uniquemediaPR.


GWYNETH MONTENEGRO fell back into the sex trade after finding out she had liver disease
Picture: Robbie Merritt

GWYNETH MONTENEGRO fell back into the sex trade after finding out she had liver disease

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