Sensory organs are way by which a person gets stimuli. These stimuli then elicit responses given by an individual. These responses is transformed into learning and become a part of behaviour.

music triggers lost memories

There is a set of stimuli known as sensory stimuli which is short lived .Emotional memory is also formed as a result of  an event ( good or bad) which occurred in past . Sights sound and smell can all trigger emotionally charged memories. The same part of brain triggering sensory response is also having the storage of emotional memory. Our brains are hard-wired to connect music with long-term memory.

The links between emotion, memory, and music are being plumbed by scientists, specifically Signy Sheldon and Julia Donahue of McGill University in Montreal. Their research found that sound and memory was linked with each other.  When a person hears a sound of particular music it elicits a response associated with a particular event.

The study was conducted on 48 participants. There were 8 samples each of happy, sad, peaceful and scary participants. The happy participants were able to recall a particular event much faster as compared to other groups. This was because of positive emotions associated with the life event.