Ever wondered how a transformation can change the living of individuals in a location. It all depends on how the individuals of a location understand the importance of change and take initiative to improve. Many localities have changed in past and present owing to initiatives taken by individuals and supported by Government.

World over lot of makeover of various locations has been taking place leading to development of places. Many places have seen tremendous development when there is a makeover.

rainbow village indonesia

One such Makeover has been seen at Kampung Pelangi, a small village in Indonesia. This is a result of initiative taken by 54 year old community leader and high school Principal Slamet Widodo.  The initiative was later taken over by Mayor and Government which invested a whopping $22k for enhancing the beauty of the slum village.

After the makeover, tourists have appreciated the effort of Government and individuals alike, which has contributed in the economic upliftment.

The Slum Village before and after the Makeover – The difference is visible

rainbow village indonesia

This makeover is the result of Initiative taken by 52 years old Principal who wanted to make his slum village look better

rainbow village indonesia

He suggested painting of 390 houses in the village

rainbow village indonesia

The Government then participated in the initiative and contributed $22k

rainbow village indonesia

Even the Mayor of town personally saw the houses getting painted

rainbow village indonesia

No improvement is possible without the involvement of individuals; hence the individuals actively participated in Improvement

rainbow village indonesia

The individuals apart from Painting also cleaned the nearby river for better living

rainbow village indonesia

After getting makeover the Rainbow village has turned into Tourist attraction

rainbow village indonesia

After makeover the village has attained self sufficiency with respect to food and generation of employment

rainbow village indonesia

The tourist even love to share colourful Pictures of artful village on Social media

rainbow village indonesia

The Village now stands at par with other Cities of Country which are painted beautifully

rainbow village indonesia

The art of Village and colours are now even reflected by the smiling faces of Individuals

rainbow village indonesia


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